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I met many men. I observed and listened to them in silence while with bloodshot eyes they bragged about their sexual adventures, beyond any comparison. The way they speak, even a porn star seems a newbie.

I heard them fighting with their partners or wives over the phone. They speak poisonous words while looking at their friends in search of approval, those enraptured friends who listen and incite them to carry on, to keep spitting venom. Not to mention that, once the phone call is over, the husband or partner of the unaware woman starts telling the picaresque parable of adventures outside the martial bed and saying that, if he had a little more courage, he would get rid of her and bury her six metres off the ground. Obviously under, ground.

No one is a saint of course.

No one, whether man or woman, can be sure not to ever make a mistake.

No one.

The man is a nasty beast especially when in packs. That’s when anything can happen.

It happens that a group rapes a girl for 3 sickening years non-stop.

It happens that a thirty-one years old girl, who was trying to regain control over her life, doesn’t bear the weight of a normal practice that offends not just women but human kind as a whole. That is, being degraded, blackmailed, and deprived of her ethics, of her spirit. What for?

Simply for believing, even just for one second, that the man with whom she was spending a very legit night during which for once she followed her fiery instinct, was a good man.

But men crave women as objects, like animals. You say “Woman” and you instantly feel an itch between your legs.

Pieces of meat, that’s what women are.

The female.

Sometimes I’m ashamed.

By Francesco Faraci

*Photo Copyright: Alessandra Lucca

“She’s a feisty girl, she was looking for it”.

Thirteen years old girl, raped, violated, persecuted for three years by nine people.

“Did you like being a slut and looked at? The only thing that you have now is a scarf to hang yourself with”

Tiziana, 31 years old, mocked, insulted, offended because of a private video that became viral. She killed herself.

“We split up a while ago but I couldn’t bear the thought that it was finished. She was already with someone else”.

Sara, 22 years old, strangled and burnt alive by her ex-boyfriend.

Victims of a chauvinist and archaic society that is violent and hostile, brutal and insolent.

And the total lack of sensitivity, culture and intelligence it’s painful to acknowledge; living in a society where men can’t recognize the difference between the two sexes without feeling superior and/or intimidated by the comparison with the female gender is terrible.

Women have to know their place, after all as an old proverb puts it: “Beat your wife regularly; even if you don’t know why, she will”.

Ms Simona

(Because after years of studies, a Master degree, the admission to the practice of medicine and the Specialization in Otorhinolaryngology, demanding that patients call me “Doctor” is an utopia. I am a woman and I am only 30 years old.)

By Simona D’Alessi

*Photo Copyright: Alessandra Lucca

“You are just a slut”

How many of us have heard it. How many of us have swallowed those 4 letters: the “t” that scratches the throat, the “s” that get stuck in the mouth.

How many of us have been victims of violence not necessary physical, but surely psychological and hid in silence. That’s because every single person dissuades you from pressing charges as we never know what an alpha man who is hurt in his pride can do.

However, behind the dark forest of a pack of hungry men there is us: the females. Those who speak spitefully about other females when they appear too free and those who raise those very sons who then kill us like dogs supported by stadium chants. Yes, it’s us females that give birth to those males, we bring them up and educate them.

But we also raise our daughters. And while doing so it is high time we stop replicating old models that are no good for anyone, where we keep differentiating between “a guy thing and a girl thing”, “only girls cry” and “real boys don’t cry”.

I believe that the time has come for self-criticism. It’s the time to stop imposing on our daughters obedience and virginity as values to be offered to the protective male. Raise us free and fearless, cultured and independent.

Teach us how to disregard the reputation that is a mere pond in which pieces of the opinions of others float and teach us how to fight for our dignity. Give us a scale of measurement for our actions: our consciousness.

No god, no husband no owner”

By Maria Grazia Patania

Translator Francesa Colantuoni