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During my journey to Europe I went through lots of difficulties, pains and sufferings and sadly enough it was all aggravated by those people who found pleasurable watching another human crying in pains. People who were actually supposed to alleviate those pains.

When I finally arrived in Europe I was very glad and felt very secure, I hoped I would never go through something like that again but what I didn’t know is that they – the Europeans – also have their own way to cause pain. (Racism).

I was transferred in a village. After a few days from my arrival I went for a walk. I took a bushy path of a non-so busy thoroughfare when, suddenly, a gang of thugs emerged from the bushes and accosted me with such anger that clearly indicated racial hatred.
They beat me mercilessly and, as if that was not enough, I was also traced back to my domicile, unknowingly.

Ph. Michelangelo Mignosa

That night I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep any more because of the voices I heard mischievously grumbling from far. I initially thought it was the voice of people passing by as usual but I was wrong as they kept coming closer and closer, almost to my door. That was unusual and I knew without doubt that they were coming after me.
Then I stood up, I was so terrified. I was alone in my dark room not knowing what to do.
Many things came to my mind. I thought of screaming to attract the attention of other people but that would have not helped. I had lost my voice and anyway no one could have heard me even if I had screamed because I live in complete isolation. My apprehension grew not only because I was alone in my humble abode but also because of the strangeness, in a situation like this something tragic always happens.
I could vividly bring to mind some years ago when I was a little boy, my mother left my brother and I alone in the house to get something from our neighbor but before she returned some heartless monsters came in uninvited and blatantly took my only loving brother away.

Too many uncomfortable thoughts crowded in on me, I was so afraid that I thought the same thing might have happened again. “But that was when I was in Africa” I said to myself “and besides things like that do not exist in Europe.” When I was in Africa I used to hear people saying the same thing, including my school teachers, that was what I learned and gave credence to.

But it was indeed proven to be an illusion when they finally invaded my home violently with arms. I was already down on my knees pleading with them to let me go, but one of them said “You are black with evil intentions. We do not trust you blacks. We don’t need you here less you ruin our land overnight.”
I responded “I am black but my heart is as white as snow. I can’t hurt a fly. I am a poor little boy from Africa who is seeking a better life. if you harm me what would be your gain? I could be your brother or friend, please I beg you do not harm me. I came here to live with you in peace, we are meant to be brothers regardless of the color of my skin.
They looked at each other with tears in their eyes and didn’t hesitate to lay down theirs arms and then shook hands with me warmly and went their way.

From that day we became best friends and that put an end to the racial discrimination.

By Michael