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Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in a world filled with an unusual sadness. He lost his parents when he was a toddler and was raised by his maternal grandparents till legal age. He suffered maternal deprivation and thought of the many things he could have done as a grown up, but all his dreams crushed. Hope was far gone into obscurity since he had to interrupt his studies due to a lack of financial support. He worked so hard to make a living but his efforts were vain. He got fired and fell into a state of deep melancholy and with his eyes full of tears he asked: “Life, why have you chosen to be so unfriendly to me, your guest? Why do you make fun of me?”.

He had been abandoned and rejected also by his relatives, but he was not bothered for he knew he had a dream.

One day he decided to leave his country and travel to Europe. During his journey he met different people he had never seen before and that became his friends. The boy encountered many difficulties on his path but luckily enough he eventually got to Europe.

After being rescued he was happy. He felt a deep sense of relief. He saw the beauty of Nature in full, he stared at the surrounding environment and at the people around him and he beamed with joy.


*Photo Copyright: Michelangelo Mignosa

One day he sat thinking about what he had gone through since he was a toddler: he thought about having lost his parents and he felt so desolated that he wailed so much he caught the attention of a passer-by who stopped to ask him why he was crying. The guy told him his story and the man was so touched he offered his help.

So this man transformed his life, helped him overcoming his inferiority complex and turned him into a happy boy.

He could not believe that someone he had never met before could be so helpful to him. Since that very day, the boy has always been happy and began to say “Now it is my turn to smile because life is finally peaceful. Now I can breathe in air of ecstasy“.

With all he had experienced in life and how things were with him he never thought he could be happy again and he learnt  that life is unpredictable.

He used to say “Life itself is like a book with so many pages, but if you never turn the pages you will never be able to read the full story. So it’s Life”.

Written by Michael

Proofreader: Francesca Colantuoni