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We’ve a short memory!
We’ve a short memory and we are not aware of what is happening around us!
I really struggle writing about my life today, sometimes the past can really hurt.
But we are still living the past, we have already forgotten what happened many years ago and we’re blind.
We’re blind because we can only see and remember a remote part of the past!

If we tried to better analyse history, we would see how that very history is repeating itself again today, just in a different way!
Years ago, the victims were the Jews accused of being an impure race, their laziness the cause of the economic crisis! This is why the Nazis decided to exterminate them, kill them all…They were taken to Auschwitz and other extermination camps and killed in gas chambers! It all started with the Führer’s political ideology, which, at the time, was supported by all!
Well, we should now think about what’s happening today… Africans and Syrians have been coming to Europe for thousands of years. They cross the desert first and then the Mediterranean just to survive and escape poverty, persecution, ethnic cleansing and genocides.
Meanwhile Europe closes its boarders…. We are reliving the Nazi regime!
They come here because they have no alternative.
They believe that Europe is the land of democracy (Liberté, égalité, fraternité).
In order to avoid repeating the same mistakes, we must welcome these people and offer them a safe shelter rather than make their lives harder.


*Welcome to Europe. Francesco Malavolta, September 2015

In a nutshell: these people are running away from one nightmare just to find themselves in a new one, exactly what happened to the Jews.
We must not forget the past.
This is how we’ll change our world! Shouting “Get out, go back to your Country” is not the solution.
So, maybe our politicians should have lived the past.
I look at the world and what has turned into and it hurts!
I’m sure that all is not lost and that we can still believe in Equality, Liberty and Fraternity…
Because I still have faith in the world…
Because I dream of a new bright sunset! I look up at the sky and hope for a world where politicians will no longer manipulate us!
My strength to speak up comes from heart telling me: “Even when in the dark never lose hope and patience.”


*Slowly freezing. All we can hear is the sound of heavy breathing. Francesco Malavolta, Serbia, January 2016

Do you find it difficult to compare the Shoa with the flow of immigrants?  If we could look at the bigger picture, we would understand that they are exactly the same thing…
But it’ll take us 70 years – I hope less – to understand it as today we understand that Nazism is a dark page in our history, even if at that time we didn’t think so.

By Yacob Fouiny

Translator Francesca Colantuoni