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Hi all,

I am Papis, I’m from Gambia and I live in Italy.

Right now I am at the minors refugees centre in a small village called San Chirico Raparo (PT) with my friends and we are learning Italian. We are living good, we go to school in the winter and I like it. Back home I had to stop studying because I didn’t have a sponsor.


There is a good man in this centre, his name is Vincenzo. He likes us, he takes us out and makes us feel free and loved. He comes and says hi even when he is not on duty.

At the centre, I cook for my boys and they like it. I cook rice and meat, pasta and couscous. I also cut my boys’ hair.


After school I would like to get a job in Naples or Rome. I would like to be an electrician or to learn how to fix cars. I would like to have my own house.

Italian people are good because they saved my life and took care of me. I like it here but I would also like to live in a big city.

I hope you will like my story.