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You shoot me.

I can’t move. I’m not like your kids who are building their future through education whereas I, I’m growing up with the noise of shooting rifles!

Please tell me how this constant noise that replaces my education – to which I am not responsible but a victim of- will help me when I grow up. I’m just a kid, but while your children build their cultural knowledge learning history from their ancestors, I’m a victim of your bombs.

Will this turn out to be my cultural heritage? If so, I don’t want it! You can keep it!

I would like to study, graduate “cum laude” just like your own kids but I am not allowed because of people getting rich by selling weapons to those who then use them against us!

I am a kid just like your own kids, I would like to play with my toys and give them funny names, I would like to have imaginary friends, get presents from Santa and go out and play in the park…but since I was born I have only been surviving…Enough! I just want to be a kid like your own kids.

Unfortunately, your thirst for material possessions overcame my happiness. Your thirst for power is pushing me into finding happiness elsewhere. I see happiness at the horizon but I can’t reach it, there is a wall between us! Your shouts paralyse me and life is slowly carrying me away…Please, I just want a bowl of rice!

I see everything red now while the sky is turning grey. Get me out of the horror in which you locked me! Because of the horrible life I’m living, I have never learnt what is good and what is evil. Anyway, you decide it all and I hope that, if there is a god, he forgives you!

Watching people die under the bombs that fall because of your hypocrite decisions breaks my heart. I’m just a kid yet my heart is already made of stone because of the bombs that you make. I am human just like you. I have tears in my eyes and a dry throat because of your wrong decisions.

I apologise for being a kid filled with hatred. I don’t know any better because you are teaching me violence. Happiness is light; evil is darkness. Please, just allow me to be as happy as any other kid in this world!

Let us help each other and heal these wounds!

Right now, I would like to wake up in a word filled with smiles!

As of today, I would like to be surrounded by smiles: the more we smile today, the better our tomorrow will be, without regrets, without fears…

Love alone can heal millions of wounds. Love alone.

Translation by  Francesca Colantuoni

Testo originale di Yacob Fouiny

Malavolta child 1

*Now it is time to give him the childhood he deserves.
Francesco Malavolta – Gevgelija